Jan-May 2021 PerformancePost #9

Jan/Feb/Mar 2021 PerformancePost #9

by Richard Meredith & Chris Mulhall March 31, 2021

Welcome to the ninth ÄLG PerformancePost - The first edition of the year 2021. Expect to hear about new products, offers, updates and announcements right here.

We start off the posts with a new year and some exciting updates!!

Yes, five months rolled into one. Sorry for the lack of updates, The team has been very busy over the months working on improving existing products and adding exciting new products to the range.

ECU Tuning Tools

In March we obtained the latest DimSport ECU Tuning tools. We are now able to offer OBD and bench tuning for a wide range of vehicles. The map files are created in house by Motorsport Developments (MSD), who are based in Blackpool and have over 20 years experience. They offer safe and reliable maps which do not disable factory safety options such as overboost/overtemp etc to achieve the power targets. Factory driveability is maintained, avoiding the jerkiness found in other companies maps.

Get a quote to remap your car here: https://algperformance.co.uk/pages/vehicle-remapping

MSD develop their software in their custom built dyno cell, which is one of the best in the country and gives unbiased, true data. You can read their dyno cell here: https://www.motorsport-developments.co.uk/Rolling_Road_in_Lancashire.html

Unit Updates

You may have seen updates regarding the unit on our various social media channels.

The unit has been painted now with a wonderful mural across the walls. A big thank you to Sam aka MuralMinded for the artwork done within the unit.

The unit now sports a sign on the front of the workshop.

alg performance warrington exhausts and ecu remapping

The workshop is also now set up with a small CNC mill for machining jobs. This adds to our capability to fabricate custom parts in house. Currently we maintain a CNC router, CNC milling machine, metalworking lathe, TIG & MIG welders and more. 


Volvo C30 Facelift & Pre-Facelift Grilles

The last batch arrived at the end of February/early March. All orders have now been shipped. The latest batch of facelift grilles sold out almost immediately.

Preorders are now open for the next batch arriving mid July 2021. We still have Pre-Facelifts on the shelf, but are out of Facelift grilles.

As usual, 20% discount for pre-orders. Order here:

Pre-Facelift grilles: https://algperformance.co.uk/products/pre-pflgrille

Facelift grilles: https://algperformance.co.uk/products/flgrille

 volvo c30 carbon fibre front grill grille 

P1 Carbon Bonnets

We updated you in the last newsletter, that production began of the UK batch of bonnets. Good news, the mould for these bonnets has been successfully delivered. The aim for these is now to dispatch around the end of June. We had a slight delay as the moulds required a new topcoat and polishing. The turnaround time for future orders is expected to be much reduced and around 3-4wks.

Link to the UK bonnet: https://algperformance.co.uk/products/carbon-fibre-volvo-c30-s40-v50-hood-bonnet

V1 and V2 Mirror Covers (Volvo C30, S40, V50, C70)

Due to quality issues we have ceased sale of the V1 and V2 Carbon Mirror Covers. We have new moulds of the V2 covers, and the quality is excellent. V1's will follow.

Volvo P1 T5 Air Intake Kit

Maciej has been developing a full induction system for the B5254T3/T7 engines using 3" stainless pipework and utilises an aluminium heatshield which connects to the factory snorkel.

We believe this intake to provide the most optimal airflow path, and should perform better than competitor brands on the market due to its careful design. The design employs a wide bell-mouth inlet which allows air to be smoothly drawn into the system, improving flow by reducing airstream turbulence.

This also allows us to keep a short path whilst maintaining the OEM position of the MAF. Early testing is very positive, with a noticeable improvement in throttle response and a great induction sound.

Volvo c30 s40 v50 c70 v40 t5 induction kit air filter uprated performance high flow intake

The first batch of 10 kits is in production and you can place an order for yours here: https://algperformance.co.uk/products/alg-t5-induction-kit

Production is almost complete, with the stainless pipework welded and polished, and headshields are welded and powdercoated. We are awaiting the silicone delivery and then we will be shipping. ETA mid June.

Volvo P1 T5 Sports Cats

Due to supplier issues, we have been struggling to provide Scorpion Sports Cats recently which has meant we have instead been making them ourselves for customers. The process involves taking a decat pipe and welding in a Euro 4 Rated 200 cell sports catalytic converter. These are suitable for UK emissions testing and are E-Marked ensuring compliance.

Available here £419: https://algperformance.co.uk/products/alg-3-t5-sports-cat

Volvo C30 T5 Boost Pipe Kit

During prototyping of the T5 Induction Kit, we decided to also make a jig for the T5 Boost Pipe Kit.

This kit is made from 2.5" stainless steel and will include our high quality 5-ply silicone joiners and stainless clamps. We have chosen to make as much of the pipe as possible from metal to reduce pressure losses throughout the system.

Available to order here: https://algperformance.co.uk/products/alg-t5-boost-pipe-kit with a selection of Pipe Finishes and Silicone Joiner Colours.

Volvo C30/S40/V50/C70 Performance 2.0d Downpipe

A jig has been completed for the downpipe off the PSA 2.0d HDi engine found in the 2.0d badged P1 Volvos. The design is ready for a customer to place an order, and we will make the flanges in house. The design can include a sports cat or can be decatted, and can be made in 2.5" or 3" pipe. 

Please contact us to register your interest :)


Volvo C30/S40/V50/C70 Performance 2.0d DPF-Delete Pipe

Another jig is complete for the 2.0d DPF. Euro 4 spec 2.0d's have a large dpf which is regularly a source of problems. For *off road use only* we can supply a DPF-Deleted pipe with either straight pipe or fake DPF can.

Please contact us to register your interest :)


Volvo C30/S40/V50/C70 Performance D3/D4 Downpipe (DPF and Cat Delete)

Development work has been ongoing for a few months into the D3/D4 DPF unit which is absurdly restrictive. The OEM design has a steel plate blocking the majority of the inlet (see image below).

We have heard of customers knocking the ceramic core out of the DPF and gaining no extra power. This is probably because the DPF is not the restriction, its the steel casing of the DPF inside the can that is blocking the inlet!

Our design uses a smooth 2.5" to 3" transition for maximum flow and allows the turbo to breathe far easier.

The design is complete, we are currently awaiting the delivery of the mating flanges which we are having custom machined. Orders will be taken soon for this product.

See prototype 3d printed flanges below, that were used to check fitment.

Please contact us to register your interest :)


Volvo C30/S40/V50/C70 Performance D5 Downpipe

 Another design we have welded up a jig for, a 3" downpipe for the Volvo D5 engine. The design features a smooth transition from the turbo flange to the rest of the system, for maximum flow. With a catalyst removal and DPF removal, the difference is huge. 

Again, we are waiting on flanges to be delivered for this product, but please contact us to register your interest :)


Volvo S40/V50 R-Design Carbon Front Grille

Initial mould is complete and we have taken delivery of the first prototype. We have test fitted the design and it looks great! Only minor alterations need to be made before we are able to begin batch production. This grille will fit all Volvo S40 and V50 with the R-Design front bumper. If your car does not have the R-Design bumpers, you can always buy a bumper and headlights as they just clip on.

Please contact us to register your interest :)


Volvo C30 STCC-Style Arches

The 3D Prints were a big success, and the surface finish on the arches needs only a couple hours work to smooth in preparation for the mould. The prints are currently in a queue of jobs at the fibreglassers, and they expect to begin work on them soon. See the prints below :)

P1 Lowering Springs Restocking

Without realising, we sold the last of our ALG Lowering Springs a few months ago. Awful timing! Anyway, more are on the way, and we decided to mix it up a bit with the powder coating colour. What do you think? :D

Preorders are available for these here: https://algperformance.co.uk/products/alg-lowering-springs

AWD Fuel Pirate

Printed a case for these, before again getting dragged off to other projects. We just need to wire up the connector, which means digging out the wiring schematic, programming the board, and then potting the board into the box using potting compound or maybe just epoxy resin.

 Custom Exhausts and downpipes

Our stainless exhausts and downpipes will now be labelled with our own branded plates, this is one to look out for in the future.



We have again suspended trading of ELEVATE products until they are able to meet the order backlog. Unfortunately, they have run in to supply chain issues and customers have been waiting over 6 months now. Due to this, we have made all ELEVATE products out of stock, apart from what we physically have on the shelf.

 We are now offering a range of suspension products from Whiteline, a premium aftermarket manufacturer that adds some unique and high quality parts to our lineup. See the collection here: https://algperformance.co.uk/search?q=whiteline


Calendar for ÄLG Performance attended events this year so far looks like this:

  • We are attending TRAX Silverstone with Strictly Swede on the 3rd October. See https://www.facebook.com/events/196539732227726 for details on how to get tickets. 
  • Planning to attend other shows, probably USC @ Santa Pod and Volvo600, but only as casual outings. 


YouTube Channel

This year ÄLG Performance will begin producing video content for YouTube, including product installation guides, product test comparisons and performance tips. Harris has taken on the YouTube channel as one of his long-term goals, and we have recently uploaded the T5 Exhaust promo video here: https://youtu.be/JTxmyuN6M1E Head over to our channel here and subscribe for future updates.








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