ÄLG 3" T5 Sports Cat
ÄLG 3" T5 Sports Cat
ÄLG 3" T5 Sports Cat

ÄLG 3" T5 Sports Cat

ÄLG Performance
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ALG Performance 3" Sports Cat for 5cyl T5 and Duratec ST/RS engined vehicles.
A sports catalyst removes polluting gases like the factory catalytic converter, however a sports cat has a less dense substrate inside the catalyst which reduces the gasflow restriction. A 3 inch pipe diameter and 4" catalyst diameter aids this also.

This means the engine is able to achieve a higher flow-rate due to the reduced back pressure after the turbo, allowing engine performance to be improved.

  • High Flow Euro 4 Rated Sports Cat made from 409 Stainless
  • Reduction in exhaust Back Pressure
  • Increased Engine Performance
  • 100% Stainless 304L Pipework and Flanges
  • TIG welded throughout
  • 76mm/3" Pipe Diameter
  • 102mm/4" Catalyst Diameter

  • Unlike decat pipes your car will pass MOT tests. There may be a slight increase in noise levels.

    We have two options for sports catalyst depending on your application:

    Note: Replacing your Catalytic Converter even with another Catalytic Converter may be against your local emissions regulations. Please check this before ordering this product. Also, engine management light may be activated, ECU remap to delete the Catalyst DTCs is recommended.

    Volvo C30 T5
    Volvo C70 T5
    Volvo S40 T5
    Volvo V50 T5
    Ford Focus ST225
    Ford Focus RS305