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P1 Sump Guard

P1 Sump Guard

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Cracking your sump can lead to oil starvation - the quickest way to kill a healthy engine. Protect your oil sump with this steel skid plate.

Bolts to all Volvo P1 Models (C30, S40, V50, C70 II) with included fasteners + installation kit in minutes.

Made from 2mm thick steel.

Fitment notes: The skidplate may require some extra nuts and bolts to fit exactly. We tested fitment on a D3 (almost identical to D4, D5 and T5) and found that the front three screws were slightly too short, causing the plate to rub on the air con pulley. Three longer M8 bolts and nine M8 nuts were used to set the height.

Also, please note that the removable panels are suited for a 1.8 petrol. For other engines, either remove the plate or cut a hole to access the oil drain. 

We found that plate removal is not very difficult once all the bolts are fitted properly.

Please note this product has a 3-4 day lead time.