Pumaspeed Plenum - ÄLG Performance
Pumaspeed Plenum - ÄLG Performance
Pumaspeed Plenum - ÄLG Performance
Pumaspeed Plenum - ÄLG Performance

Pumaspeed Plenum

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NEW DESIGN Pumaspeed Tapered Inlet Plenum


  • New Larger Bore Entry and Exit Ports
  • Fully Tapered design
  • Fully Flow tested against all the competition to give 6% more flow at 7000 revs and 20 PSI
  • Maximise the performance on all Volvo C30 T5

Larger Intake Port  68-69mm  vs 65 OE and Mountune
Larger Trumpet and Port Dimensions for better Flow for big Power cars.

The PUMASPEED Tapered Intake Manifold just got better. Updated with a 68-69mm larger inlet mouth and 5 larger outlet trumpets this new design will flow more than ever. Designed for the larger 400 +bhp cars the new design out performs the original design.

The manifold design has been available from many suppliers for quite some time.

So why have Pumaspeed decided to enter the market and design a new unit?
After looking at  many of the designs we determined that some flowed well but could look better. Alternatively some looked beautiful but lacked the desired balanced flow of a true flow of a fully balanced Tapered design and others just looked like building bricks and shouldn't grace the under bonnet of any car let alone a Volvo C30.

After many conversations with engineers around the globe, our design team knew that only a fully tapered design with a cosmetic twist could really do the job for the Volvo owner, giving that all important mix of Power, Beauty and Reliability.

It takes a lot of time in research and development to make a fully tapered Inlet work This new Pumaspeed Intake manifold plenum is the product of this  extensive R+D period where no effort was spared and no compromise taken. There were a total of 37 differing designs which resulted in a totally balanced flowing inlet that delivered 6% more intake charge than the nearest competition. More importantly it distributed the flow evenly to all 5 cylinders across the whole rev range of the 5 cylinder Volvo engine.

How easy is it to fit ?
Very simple is the quick answer, all the standard connection points and joints are retained so it is as simple as swapping the original out and refitting it. No injectors need to be removed.

Why does it cost so little ?
Quality of the products pumaspeed supply around the globe are very important, we provide the best at the best price we can.
When we make an item, we make many hundreds and our buying power in the Ford Tuning industry is second to none. When you buy direct from the manufacturer you save, in this case you are saving up to 30% and gaining a 6% increase in added air flow.

Volvo C30 T5
Volvo C70 T5
Volvo S40 T5
Volvo V50 T5
Ford Focus ST225
Ford Focus RS305

NOTE: This product is shipped direct from the manufacturer and may be subject to delays.