P1 Cluster Boost Gauge Pod - Preorder

P1 Cluster Boost Gauge Pod - Preorder

ÄLG Performance
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ALG's boost pod mount allows you to cleanly install a 52mm gauge into your P1 Volvo (C30, V50, S40, C70). 

The formed dashboards in these cars can make it difficult to add auxiliary instrumentation. Our exclusive dash pod allows clean mounting of a gauge on either side of the instrument cluster, without obstructing essential information such as speed or engine speed.

Professionally 3D printed in ABS to ISO 10303 standards.

They also require you to remove and drill/cut your frames to feed air and power wires through.

This pod is available as a kit with a Turbosmart Boost Guage (for Turbo Cars Only). 


  • V50 2004-2012
  • S40 2004-2012
  • C30 2006-2012
  • C70 2006-2012