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Carbon Wing Mirrors
Carbon Wing Mirrors

Carbon Wing Mirrors

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Lead Time: V2 Available Immediately. Others 2wk lead time

A much requested product finally hits the shelves of C30Mods - Carbon Wing Mirrors!

These replace the entire original Volvo wing mirror cover - not just slip over it like some brands.

We've teamed up with a new supplier in Germany that produces these lovely carbon mirror covers, guaranteed to fit and complement your other carbon styling.

Please note, there are two shapes of wing mirror on the C30, and you must check your VIN to figure out which type you need! The VIN can be found on your V5c document or stamped on a plate in the engine bay. The later models have larger mirrors and the two covers are not compatible.


Check the last 6 digits on your VIN code, that will be the chassis number*

C30 VIN up to 062745 - select "V1 Shape"
C30 VIN from 062745 - select "V2 Shape"

C70 select "V1 Shape"

S40 VIN up to 380303 - select "V1 Shape"
S40 VIN from 380303 - select "V2 Shape"

V50 VIN up to 396178 - select "V1 Shape"

V40 from 2013+ without folding mirrors - select "V2 Shape"
V40 XC without folding mirrors - select "V2 Shape"
V40 with folding mirrors - select "V3 Shape"
V40 XC with folding mirrors - select "V3 Shape"

*VIN Information provided by a 3rd party and is valid only for European vehicles. Please contact us if you are not sure on which size you need.

Volvo C30 (Check VIN)
Volvo C70 Only V1 Shape
Volvo S40 (Check VIN)
Volvo V50 (Check VIN)
Volvo V40 and V40 XC