C30 Bi-LED Projector Headlight Upgrade Kit
C30 Bi-LED Projector Headlight Upgrade Kit
C30 Bi-LED Projector Headlight Upgrade Kit

C30 Bi-LED Projector Headlight Upgrade Kit

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We've teamed up with the leading aftermarket retrofit designers to bring you a complete conversion for the C30 headlamp. 

With the C30 only getting older, and the reflective part of OEM projectors failing, we sought to figure a complete solution to aid drivers seeing at night. 

This Volvo C30 retrofit kit contains everything you need to convert your halogen projector setup into powerful Bi-LED projector headlights. Custom-made mounting brackets are included to mount the new projector on the original mounting points. This kit also includes all the correct wiring, which makes retrofitting quick and easy. With the provided high beam splitters you will have high beam from the original high beam bulb and the Bi-LED projector. And, most importantly, it will take your C30 to the next level – just check out the test pictures! This is way beyond what the majority of OEM projectors can achieve.

The Aharon AtomLED X2 is used in this kit to ensure you get a powerful output with a good pattern in a compact-size projector that fits your headlight. The projector has been designed around LED and has a built-in LED chip. This guarantees a much better output and pattern than putting an LED bulb in an HID Xenon or halogen projector. The LED technology makes the installation quite easy because there are no large ballasts. also, the LED doesn't have a start-up time like with HID Xenon. It also has a crystal clear lens and a modern 6000k light color.

This kit provides all the parts that you will need for retrofitting and upgrading your headlight. Also, the original levelling/height adjustment remains working.

This complete Volvo C30 retrofit kit is inspected by our internal quality control before shipping and comes with a solid 2-year warranty. It also includes highly rated technical support from your lighting experts at Retrofitlab.com

Should you have any questions prior to purchase, please contact us.

We look forward to brightening your day (not to mention your night)!

Sold for Off-Road Use Only.