Airtec Group A Filter kit
Airtec Group A Filter kit
Airtec Group A Filter kit

Airtec Group A Filter kit

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AIRTEC Motorsport Group A Filter for Focus ST Mk2

A simple yet hugely effective modification that transforms any Focus ST with a fantastic increase in induction noise, turbo/wastegate chatter and a noticeable improvement in throttle response.

Easy to fit, it removes the stock airbox entirely, allowing a cleaner and better looking engine bay too.

A great addition to any ST, the kit fits all pre-face lift and face lift models and comes with all fixtures and fittings, including silicone hose connector and an RS-type ECU cover.

To make the most of the huge Group A cone filter, there is also the option to add a cold air feed scoop, which helps direct air flow to the filter and also doubles up as a protection if you have RS bonnet vents fitted.


  • 1x huge Group ‘A’ 80mm foam cone filter
  • 1 x pair of custom made silicone Pro Hoses joiners
  • 4x stainless-steel jubilee clips
  • AIRTEC RS-type ECU cover included