Apr-May 2022 PerformancePost #13

Welcome to the Thirteenth ÄLG Performance Post.

Expect to hear about new products, offers, updates and announcements right here.

Just April and May to update you on the run-up to show season:

Snapshot of April and May;

-Stock Supply



-Car of the Month!

-Supplier News


-Jubilee Weekend


Stock Supply 

Halo kits for Volvo C30 (and Pre-Facelift S40/V50) are back in stock and selling fast! Thank you for everyone's patience whilst we sorted the stocking issue. We will be restocking again within the next few weeks as the majority have sold again already.

Volvo C30 Grilles are all sold out for now, new stock is nearly complete and will be leaving the supplier within the next few weeks. We estimate the crate to arrive around July/Aug. We have so far not opened this batch up for pre-orders, but that may change.

We are on our last set of ALG Lowering Springs, so now is also your chance to grab that last set. We’re planning a restock in the coming months but can't pinpoint when yet, as the supplier has had difficulties over the past few months. So we may end up changing the colour of the springs yet again. We're also keen to get some Volvo V40 Springs in as-well, as we know the V40 has got issues with the standard springs. Many customers look to upgrade to lowering springs when their standard springs inevitably snap. Hopefully we will get to that this summer

Genuine Volvo Parts

We are going to be adding genuine blue boxed Volvo parts to the website soon, including filters, timing belt kits, seals and gaskets etc. Initially we will list mainly T5 parts, but this will grow as we invest in more stock.



Bonnets are still on their way, we've had another bump in the road that we are trying to straighten out. Bonnets should be out within the next few months! We can't wait to see the final product as they're already looking amazing.  


Due to the extended time scale we want to prioritise our very patient pre order customers and so have stopped taking new orders for these, for the moment. Once delivery resumes we will reopen for bonnet orders.


We pride ourselves on our remapping software being safe and reliable for your engine, delivering smooth and consistent performance gains. Unfortunately, we do find customers coming in who have been poorly advised and have vehicles without the proper supporting modifications for the power level, which will cause problems later down the line. 

At ALG, we’re happy to guide you through the different aspects of modifications before we remap a vehicle, and advise why they are needed. 

Our remaps have also been proven to improve fuel economy, which has been very popular at the moment  

Remapping can improve fuel economy which is popular at the moment given the ever increasing fuel prices…

In May we had an offer for remaps; 

We had a busy week! But don’t worry if you missed this offer because we will be bringing it back again at some point. 


Car of the Month!

The winner is Gabriella Kiru!



Thank you to everyone who entered, we loved looking through everyone's cars!


How to enter? - Send an email to stacie@algperformance.co.uk with 1 or more pictures of your car. You can also include your name if you would like to be identified and any social media tags if you would like us to tag you on our page.



Supplier News

Motorsport Developments, our tuning partner will be closed over the Jubilee weekend period as follows:

  • Thursday 2nd June  – Closed
  • Friday 3rd June –  Closed
  • Saturday 3rd June – Closed
  • Sunday 4th June – Closed

As usual, we will be closed for all bank holidays which includes the Queen's Jubilee.


Some of the remaining events of the year 2022:

 Events we plan to attend are highlighted in bold.

Change in Services 

Some of you may have seen our post about exhaust work. We will no longer be offering this service until further notice. Remapping, services and engine work will NOT be affected.


We know a lot of people will be disappointed with the news but we're excited for the future of the company and what's to come from here.

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