Jan 2022 PerformancePost #11

Welcome to the Eleventh ÄLG Performance Post - The first edition of the year 2022. 

Expect to hear about new products, offers, updates and announcements right here.

Only January to update you all on today rather than the last six months! 

Snapshot of this month;

  • Handing over the old unit & New year new unit 
  • C30 D5 Downpipe added to store
  • First couple of carbon Bonnets finished
  • Development of Volvo D3 + D4 MSD220 performance package
  • C30 D5 Boost Pipe Kit prototyping complete
  • Unit 17 now empty

We are very proud and happy to tell you have cleared the Black Friday/Moving Units/grille preorders backlog. 99% of customers that made purchases during that time have received their products. So a massive "thank you" to all for bearing with us whilst we moved the workshop and all the various problems we had on the way.

Handing over Unit 17

This month we finally gave the keys over for Unit 17 and said our farewells. It was good to look back and remember where we started, and how far we’ve come. Many good memories were made but we are so happy to be expanding.

Unfortunately, the amount of tools, equipment and stock we managed to cram into Unit 17 really caught us off guard. The new unit, despite being over 3x larger, seems to be just as full! 


Goodbye unit 17…😂🥲😢😭 you’ve been a reet old good time x

♬ Goodbye My Lover - James Blunt

New year new unit

The new unit is coming along really well. Last week we began constructing the inner structure for the Customer waiting room & reception. We have planned a relaxing waiting room with a couple of couches, a TV and an Xbox to keep you entertained whilst we work hard on your vehicle. 

Again, big thanks to everyone that’s helping us, friends, family and hired help.


Unfortunately Bonnets are taking longer because we’ve had some manufacturing problems and we will only be sending the bonnets out when they are at the highest standard. A mismatch in the weave layup was noticed and we have scrapped 4 or 5 top halves. Whilst we have them re-made, we thank you for your patience and hope to have them with you within the next few months. Sometimes the best things take a while to come.

The completed bonnets will be offered as B-Stock. 


Volvo 5cyl D3 + D4 MSD220 package

ALG Performance is proud to announce that we are collaborating with Motorsport Developments to provide a performance package for the 5 cylinder D3 and D4 engines found in the Volvo C30, S40, V40 and other models. The package will provide all required components and tuning software to reach 210-220bhp.

At the moment, we are gathering stock ECU software as the V40 has a different model ECU than the P1 cars. Package to include:

  • MSD220 ECU Calibration
  • Dummy DPF Unit
  • Uprated Intercooler
  • Induction Kit
Please contact us if you have a D4 engined vehicle, we would like to take an ECU reading from you ( in exchange for tea and biscuits :P )


This month we created some new remapping graphics to help with queries about BHP and Nm. Prices start at just £199. We have a few questions on the instagram story so we’d like to share them in case they answer some queries;

Q- Will I get better/worse fuel economy after a map?
A- It depends on driving style, but it is certainly possible to increase MPG with a remap, especially for diesels.

Q- Will a remap invalidate my insurance?
A- No, it will not invalidate your insurance, but you should inform them of the change so your premium can be adjusted.
Q- Do you do you lose the remap if it goes to the main dealership 
A- It’s possible if an ECM software update is carried out, but we can reload the map for free afterwards.

Q- Can you remap a Volvo that already has a Polestar tune? 
A- Yes, we have done this before with no problems.

Car of the Month!

We will now be having the car of the month! Giving you the opportunity to be featured in our monthly blog post. 

How to enter? - Send an email to stacie@algperformance.co.uk with 2 or more pictures of your car. You can also include your name if you would like to be identified and any social media tags if you would like us to tag you on our page.

Exhaust p o r n…..


Supplier News

Maxton Design are moving warehouses, and so there may be delays in dispatch of their products. The move is expected to last until August this year, but we are not seeing significant disruption at this time.

We have also added many new Maxton Design products to our catalogs, including V40 body kits. Have a look!



Calendar for events this year so far looks like this:

 Events we plan to attend are highlighted in bold.

YouTube Channel

New video to the YouTube channel! This is a guide to fitting the ALG Performance Sun Strip, condensed down from the 30mins it actually took us, into 1m 46s for easy viewing.

The next video to produce will be a Halo Kit Installation video, followed by a Carbon Bonnet video.

Some of the more complex installation videos, such as the Lowering Springs and Camber Arms will be done in summer when we can film outside (we need good lighting).



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