Feb-March 2022 PerformancePost #12

Welcome to the Twelfth ÄLG Performance Post - The first edition of the year 2022. 

Expect to hear about new products, offers, updates and announcements right here.

Just February and March to update you on the run-up to show season:

Snapshot of February and March;

-Stock Supply

-New Stock



-Car of the Month!

-Supplier News



Stock Supply 

Halo kits for Volvo C30 (and Pre-Facelift S40/V50) are currently out of stock. Replacement stock is due for delivery within the next few weeks. Orders placed now will be fulfilled when the new stock arrives. Apologies for the delay, we ordered this batch well ahead of time however there has been a delay at the factory and another delay with the shipping agent.

Driveshaft Spacers have also been out of stock this month, however they are now back in stock and on the shelf! 

Volvo C30 Grilles are also quickly reducing in stock and we estimate restocking in June. So if it’s in your basket now is the time to check out! 

ALG Lowering Springs, we have less than 10 sets left now and are planning to restock around June. 


New Suppliers

Following a recent partnership with a Volvo dealership, we are excited to announce that genuine Polestar Performance parts are going to be added to the website soon, this will include Wheel & Tyre packages, Performance Brakes & Suspension, Body Kits and Badges. The majority of these parts are for the latest Volvo models, so we are adding those to the website also. 

In addition to the Polestar parts, genuine Volvo parts will also be added to the website. This includes genuine replacement parts, and also service parts & kits. This will initially cover Volvos, but will be expanded to the Ford and Mazda’s we cover.

We are now able to supply & fit Quaife Limited Slip Differentials. The Quaife QDF13J is to be added first, used in the Ford/Volvo M66 gearbox used by the T5’s and the ST Mk2. More variants will be added as the month goes on. 

High performance KW Suspension have been added for the Volvo C30:

Variant 1 £1195

Variant 2 £1525

Variant 3 £1795

We will be adding the KW variants for all other Volvo models, Ford models and Mazda models throughout the month of April.


Finally the Carbon bonnets should be arriving any day now we are just waiting on our supplier as we had to straighten out a few kinks to make sure the Bonnets were the best they can be whilst also trying to maintain the timeline. 

The delivery schedule will be as follows:

- 1st batch has 1 “perfect” and 3 B-Stock bonnets, due within weeks. 

- 2nd batch will have 4 “perfect” bonnets and is expected in May

- The 3rd batch will have another 4 “perfect” bonnets, due June. This batch will clear our order backlog.

Orders for new bonnets have been halted until we begin clearing our backlog, however the “B-Stock” will be available immediately. They will be collection only. 



We pride ourselves on our remapping software being safe and reliable for your engine, delivering smooth and consistent performance gains. Unfortunately, we do find customers coming in who have been poorly advised and have vehicles without the proper supporting modifications for the power level, which will cause problems later down the line. 

At ALG, we’re happy to guide you through the different aspects of modifications before we remap a vehicle, and advise why they are needed. Remapping can improve fuel economy which is popular at the moment given the ever increasing fuel prices


Q- Will I get better/worse fuel economy after a map?

A- It depends on driving style, but it is certainly possible to increase MPG with a remap, especially for diesels.


Q- Will a remap invalidate my insurance?

A- No, it will not invalidate your insurance, but you should inform them of the change so your premium can be adjusted.


Q- Do you do you lose the remap if it goes to the main dealership 

A- It’s possible if an ECM software update is carried out, but we can reload the map for free afterwards.


Q- Can you remap a Volvo that already has a Polestar tune? 

A- Yes, we have done this before with no problems.

Car of the Month!

The big reveal, thanks everyone that sent pictures in but we have our car of the month:



Thank you Matty for the great pictures!


How to enter? - Send an email to stacie@algperformance.co.uk with 1 or more pictures of your car, or send it over on our socials @alg.performance. You can also include your name if you would like to be identified and any social media tags if you would like us to tag you on our page.


Supplier News


Motorsport Developments, our tuning partner will be closed over the Easter period as follows:

  • Thursday 14th April  – 09:00- 16:00
  • Friday 15th April  –  Closed
  • Monday 18th April – Closed
  • Tuesday 19th April – Open as usual

This means we are only able to offer remapping on the morning slot of Thursday 14th to ensure that they are completed before they close. As usual, we will be closed for all bank holidays which, this year, will include the Queen's Jubilee.


Maxton Design are moving warehouses, and so there may be delays in dispatch of their products. The move is expected to last until August this year, but we are not seeing significant disruption at this time.

We have also added many new Maxton Design products to our catalogues, including V40 body kits. Have a look!



Calendar for events this year so far looks like this:

 Events we plan to attend are highlighted in bold.


This is a new section added to our website which will have guides for some of our älg products. For now we just have an updated guide to installing our Halo Lights, we are going to continue to make these guides and add them to our website to HOPEFULLY, make installing them a little easier for you guys! Click Here to see our latest Halo Guide.

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