June-Dec 2021 PerformancePost #10

Welcome to the Tenth ÄLG Performance Post - The second edition of the year 2021.
Expect to hear about new products, offers, updates and announcements right here.
We have quite a few updates as it’s been a while... sorry for the delay. but now that we have a new team member! We will be having monthly blog posts going forward.
Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021
Lots of orders for Black Friday, our biggest sale yet! Thanks so much to everyone who took part & made it a successs. Due to the unprecedented volume, we are still processing the orders, some of which are awaiting delivery of stock.

Volvo C30 Grilles

Grilles came in mid November and the final few Pre-Facelift grille orders are being prepared and packaged to be sent off for those still waiting on them. All the facelift grilles have been sent out now.

Volvo C30 Carbon Bonnets

First and second carbon bonnets are done, however we spotted an area of the carbon fibre which is angled oppositely to the rest of the fabric. For this reason, we are not going to be shipping these two to our pre-order customers, as we consider them B-Stock. They will be put up for sale at a discounted price for anyone to buy. Its a purely cosmetic defect, but considering our customers have been waiting for so long already, they must be perfect!


 New Unit

Since getting the keys to Unit 18, we have been flat out. The place was definitely a little worse for wear but with a bit of TLC it's coming along great - but we had no idea just how long it would take to move… we’re still moving and building and trying to complete work and post orders so apologies if there is a delay. Please don't hesitate to message us if you want an update :)

The deadline for exiting our old Unit 17 is next Friday 14th January, and all of our artwork spray painted by MuralMinded will sadly be painted over with magnolia...

The new unit is over 3x as large and has a dedicated office, customer waiting room, two brand new Hydraulic ramps, more space for fabrication equipment. Hopefully we do not outgrow this space before the lease ends!

We’re currently building the office space but we have two ramps bolted down in there already. We have received lots of help from members of the Volvo community in setting up, and would like to say special thanks to Jack Cowell for gas work, Rob Stevens for the electrical installation, Phil Gleave for... well... he helped in a general sense :)

Also big thanks to friends and family who contributed!

We’re really excited to get into the new space, more room for expansion and able to have more vehicles in at once.a section for posting products to provide a quicker turnaround on all our online purchases.

Sun-strip with link to video

We spent some time putting together a ‘How to’ video for applying an ÄLG sunstrip. A concise step by step to make sure it’s right. This is the start of a ‘How to’ series on Instagram, tiktok and Youtube. We will be making a more in depth one on how those want to make sure it’s right. And a quick one for those who make it their life's mission to never use instructions.



Intro to Maverick

We welcomed a new member to the team Maverick. He traveled all the way from Deutschland. He will be helping us with welding, test driving and anything else we need to do in the new unit. If you’d like to follow his adventure on Instagram you can find him on @maverickmooseadventures


New team member

We have a new team member, Stacie, who joined us at the start of November as Sales and Marketing Assistant. She has a background in marketing and has taken over all the social sides of the company. This has led us to start the ‘how to’ video series. A new series of videos dedicated to showing our customers how to install ÄLG products. Click here to watch our first one to apply an ALG sun-strip.

We intend to maintain a regular upload schedule for these videos in order to quickly build up a catalogue of information for you guys, giving you more confidence when fitting our products.

Updates you asked for

Volvo C30 D3/D4 Dummy DPF -  due to the complexity of this product we are not able to ship these out en masse to customers yet but if you would like us to make one and fit it for you, give the workshop a call. The Dummy DPF is £349 plus £200 fitting and the DPF delete software is £120 or we can include it today stage one ECU calibration for £299. A bundle price is available and all the work can be carried out in 1 day. Call to book.

STCC style arches

Fixture kit prototyping is proceeding much slower than expected and understandably customers are requesting delivery of the arches without them. If you are also in the same boat please let us know because we have nine sets of arches here ready to be shipped immediately.     

Volvo C30 D5 Boost pipe kit

Since identifying an issue with the stock plastic D5 boost pipes cracking we have modified our T5 boost pipe kit and produced a prototype product made from stainless steel to rectify this issue. We hope this product will solve the many under boost issues that we see on the forums. The factory item uses a brittle plastic tube which splits where it meets rubber hose, causing boost to leak from the system. 

Volvo C30 D5 Decat Downpipe 
Since making the prototyping jig for this product we have struggled to find time to manufacture a full batch, however, it is on our list of things to do in the first quarter of 2022. As with the D3 dummy DPF product, customers can call and book in if they would like us to make fit and remap this product to their vehicle. We are offering the D5 Decat Downpipe for £299, Fitting £150 and Software fix is £120. We can include the software fix with a Stage 1 ECU Calibration for £249. Call to book.


Supplier News

Some delays on Anembo and Airtec products, but otherwise we are delivering at pre-covid times now. 

Maxton are developing a new dealer portal which will streamline our purchasing system. We also have arranged a smoother ordering system with Anembo, which should reduce lead times.

Airtec are consistently releasing new products for vehicles we don't cover, so we intend to expand the website to encompass All Mazda, Ford, Volvo products all of our suppliers carry, and then begin looking at adding BMW parts to the site. We make quite a few custom exhausts for BMW, and our customers ask if we sell parts for them - "not yet" is the answer but by the end of 2022, we want to have a dedicated section on the website for BMW.


Calendar for events this year so far looks like this:

 Events we plan to attend are highlighted in bold.

YouTube Channel

New video to the YouTube channel! This is a guide to fitting the ALG Performance Sun Strip, condensed down from the 30mins it actually took us, into 1m 46s for easy viewing.

The next video to produce will be a Halo Kit Installation video, followed by a Carbon Bonnet video.

Some of the more complex installation videos, such as the Lowering Springs and Camber Arms will be done in summer when we can film outside (we need good lighting).

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  • Hi Guys, I own a volvo c30 D4 i’ve been trying to find a custom exhaust garage to build me a decat but due to where I live this is not possible and there isn’t really a aftermarket for the D4’s. Is it possible for you guys to make a decat and if possible give me a quote on how much it would cost to make and post to me, Kind regards :)

    Clayton Hayden

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