C30 Composite Splitter (Prefacelift)
C30 Composite Splitter (Prefacelift)
C30 Composite Splitter - ÄLG Performance
C30 Composite Splitter - ÄLG Performance
C30 Composite Splitter (Prefacelift)

C30 Composite Splitter (Prefacelift)

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KRaero front splitter made for the Volvo C30 R-Design 2006-2009 (Pre-Facelift).

Material is composite metal & plastic for durability, and features a composite scuff-guard on the underside of the front lip. 

12x Rivet Nuts and low profile screws are included (you will need to buy a Long Arm Nut Riveter tool such as Clarke CHT880 to secure the Rivet Nuts into the underside of the bumper.

To install, position the splitter with masking tape & drill pilot holes through the splitter & bumper on either side, near the wheel liners. Then detatch the splitter and widen the holes in the bumper to ~10mm and fit the rivet nuts. Repeats this process across the bumper. The splitter does not come pre-drilled with any holes.

3x Spacer Biscuits are included, which are used to set the correct distance between the splitter and the front bumper in the centre. These too are not drilled.

Please note there is a 14-28day lead time on this product + there may be import taxes to pay as it originates from KRaero in Russia.

Volvo C30 R-Design 2006-2009