ALG P1 Media Unit Installation Instructions

Thank you for purchasing the ALG Performance P1 Media Unit for Volvo C30, S40, V50 and C70 model cars.

Installation Video -


First, remove the radio trim piece in the waterfall. Do this using a small bone tool and work from the top two clips to start. 

 Remove this piece completely, you no longer need it. 

Next take the bone tool and remove the trim panel from behind the waterfall. This piece will be used to hide the wiring for the media unit. 

Once removed, take both your hands and place them behind either side of the waterfall. You are going to push quite firmly towards you to remove the OEM screen. 

Once this has been popped out, allow the screen to dangle in front of the waterfall. There is no need to disconnect the wires. 

Then using a T25 screw driver, remove the two screws on either side of the waterfall. Be carful to keep the screws safe. 

Next pull gently on the top of the waterfall to create a gap. This is where the cables will be run through. 

Next, take the cable tails that are coming from the ALG media unit and route them through the CD slot in the waterfall and down the back of it. 

Make sure to leave space for your original screen to fit. 

Rest the unit on the vents and ensure the wires are tight. 

Then reinstall the two T25 screws into the waterfall and reinstall the original screen. 

Attach the media unit in the same way the first trim panel came off. Make sure you seat the lower two clips in the waterfall and then push back on the two upper clips until you hear a 'click'

Connect 12v adapter to the rear socket on the waterfall. 

Connect the AUX labelled cable to your AUX port in the centre console with included cable. 

If you have no AUX in, please follow instructions below for FM transmitting. 

Connect and route your mic cable to desired position in the car. Connect to MIC labelled 3.5mm

Reinstall cover behind waterfall. 

If desired, route cables under tunnel trim pieces for cleaner install. 


Turn on the car! 

To connect to CarPlay, click 'i-Play' 

To connect to Android Auto click 'A-Auto'

and follow connection instructions on screen, once connected this will now automatically connect on each engine start.


Any problems please email