ALG C30 Rear Chassis Brace Installation Instructions

Thank you for purchasing the ALG PerformanceC30 Rear Chassis Brace for  C30 model cars.

Required tools: 

  • 13mm Socket and Ratchet or Impact Gun
  • Stanley blade
  • Tape measure or ruler

First, lower the back seats down into their folder position. 

Then take a tape measure and measure down the side of the rear pillar as show, you will need to cut the carpet in order to again access to the rear seat bracket. 

Using a Stanley knife or sharp blade, carefully cut along the lines marked on the image above, you will need a horizonal cut at 4.5cm and again at 17cm. Join these two cuts with a vertical one between to make a flap/door to access the bracket below.

Using a 13mm socket, remove the two bolts holding in the bracket. These are lock tightened in from factory, so may require some force to break loose.

Once removed it should look like above.

Place the corresponding chassis brace bracket from the ALG kit over the two holes. 

 Put the original bracket over the top and replace the two bolts you removed, we recommend applying a small amount of thread locker back on.

 Repeat the same process on the other side. 

Slide in the bar in-between the plates on each side of the brackets, make sure to line up the holes to make inserting the fixings easier. 

Unscrew your fixing kits, pictured is the quick release kit, you need to allow for one metal washer on the thumb screw and a metal washer and plastic washer on the handle. 

Thread the bolt through the holes, please note first time installation may require you to 'screw' the bolt into place as the hole might be tight from painting. 

Once inserted attach the thumb screw end onto the bolt. 


Lock down the arm into position, this will pinch the bar tight, connecting both sides of the car and prevent rattling. 

Repeat both sides!


ALG rear chassis brace installed! You can now fold up your rear seats and insert your load cover (if you wish!) 

To remove the bar, follow back the process.


Any problems please email