ALG P1 Air Scoop (Upper) - Instructions

This part is specifically tailored for enthusiasts who prefer open cone filters, effectively directing a greater volume of cool air from the grill through the slam panel directly onto your chosen filter.

You will need to remove the air guide for the battery that comes on the bonnet as standard, this was purely there for extremely hot climates to keep the battery cooler.

Our kit comes with a detailed drilling template for seamless installation, allowing for accurate placement of the two minor holes required for securing the scoop with the provided bolts.

Installation is straightforward: start by removing the three bolts that secure the front panel cover and gently remove it from the vehicle, carefully navigating around the bonnet latch. Use the provided template to drill the necessary holes, then securely fasten the ALG Scoop in place. Finally, reattach the front panel cover in the reverse order.