Driveshaft Spacers
Driveshaft Spacers
Driveshaft Spacers - ÄLG Performance
Driveshaft Spacers - ÄLG Performance

Driveshaft Spacers

ÄLG Performance
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Lowered cars have a habit of killing driveshafts, it's well known. This is because when you lower the car, the gearbox is moved further away from the wheel hubs. This causes the driveshafts to lengthen as the inner CV joint is pulled outwards. If the joint is pulled too far, the tripod bearing begins to wear out as it pops in and out of the housing.

This extension can be reduced by fitting our Driveshaft Spacers. They bring the inner tripod bearing closer to the gearbox and reduce wear on the joint.

  • 2x Precision Driveshaft Spacers
  • 2x OE Quality Driveshaft hub bolts & washers
We include a pair of OE quality driveshaft stretch bolts which are designed to be replaced after removal. The spacers themselves are made from Corrosion Resistant Marine Grade A4 Stainless Steel.

This spacer technique is used on many other cars, such as the Renault Megane RS which suffers similar problems. We're surprised that this hasn't been used on the C30 or Focus platforms yet!

Our precision spacer adds 4mm to each side, which takes up the space where the CV joint has a fillet from the spline to the body. This means that the contact area of the spline to the hub is not reduced and will not cause excess stress on the splines.

These spacers have been sized to suit OEM driveshafts. Aftermarket driveshafts may have a different fillet shape and may sit loose. This should not be an issue, but we recommend OEM driveshafts to be used.

We also recommend fitting the Roll Centre Adjuster kit, as this will also help save your driveshafts.

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