February 2020 PerformancePost #2

Welcome to the second ÄLG PerformancePost - a monthly feature for 2020. Expect to hear about new products, offers, updates and announcements right here.


Volvo S40 Composite Bodykit
One of our newer suppliers, KRaero, have developed a kit for the Volvo S40 R-Design Facelift which incorporates a composite front splitter, composite side skirts and composite rear diffuser. The kit is almost ready for general sale, we are holding fire in order to gather some photos of the installed products first. Like the other KRaero kits, they look amazing and are much sturdier than common plastic splitters.

Volvo C30 Pre-Facelift Grilles
Production has resumed at the factory as of Monday 24th Feb. As mentioned in last month's PerformancePost, we had an issue with the previous batch where the grilles were mis-shapen so we took the opportunity to have brand new moulds made. We hoped to deliver before the end of February, but Coronavirus reared it's head and shut down most of China. We made an update about Coronavirus here. We are now on track and progressing forward towards a March 2020 delivery date. Thank you for your patience.


Volvo V40 Grilles
All Volvo V40 Grilles have completed manufacture, and are being packaged for export from the factory. We will have these shipped to us for inspection before being dispatched to customers. This date moved without progress due to the extended shutdown due to Chinese New Year & Coronavirus. Good news is that the factory is now up and running again, and many export agents are back to work clearing the backlog. ETA March 2020.


P1 Carbon Bonnets
The latest batch of Volvo C30/S40/V50 Carbon Bonnets are also complete and will be shipped in the same container load as the V40 Grilles. We have ordered the ISPM export crates and are awaiting delivery of the bonnets. As with the V40 Grilles, ETA is March 2020.


C30 Halo Kits
Due to the Coronavirus shutting down our supply chain for the C30 Halo Kits, we are out of stock at the moment. An order was placed some time ago but our supplier informed us of delays. ETA March 2020.


Volvo C30 STCC-Style Arches
Our composites specialist made good progress this month with the STCC-Style arch kit, and produced the prototypes ready for moulding. We'll take delivery of the fibreglass versions next month, test the fitment and complete the attachment point designs. We remain on track for dispatch March 2020. Can't wait to complete this project!


AWD Fuel Pirate
Programming did not go successfully this month and modifications had to be made to the circuit. Part of the issue is that the board did not use an external crystal oscillator - which is not needed as the internal oscillator can be used - Except that our chips did not have bootloaders so we had to desolder them, burn the bootloader with a crystal separately, and reinstall into the PCB (this time with DIL sockets). Also the ICSP header has been a headache to use to program, and the serial pins of the IC were not broken out so a re-spin of the PCB for the product is inevitable. This is a back-burner project so receives only a small amount of development each month but it is still progressing.


ÄLG Performance Sun Strips
Brand new product for 2020 - available now! Made using high quality automotive vinyl, we're excited to offer these sun-strips in stylish black gloss on satin black for that stealth look.



We are reaching out to some interesting companies with the goal of expanding our product range to include flywheel & clutches, brake systems, oil coolers and suspension products. Can't reveal more at the moment but watch this space. 

As we mentioned last month, we teamed up with FulfilmentCrowd to streamline storage, handling & dispatch of products. FulfilmentCrowd have a warehouse local to us that we have products stored in. If an order is placed of a product we store there, it is automatically picked up by their computer system, packed and dispatched the same day (weekday orders before 3pm). Many UK orders are therefore available with Next Day or 2-Day delivery, fully tracked and insured. Currently, they stock our C30 Halo Kits, S40/V50 Halo Kits, Driveshaft Spacers and ÄLG Performance Lowering Springs. 



Calendar for ÄLG Performance attended events this year so far looks like this:

  • May 9th/10th - Scotland NC500 Tour 
    • Search "Volvo Owners Group Scotland" on Facebook
  • May 29th-31st - Modified Nationals @ Peterborough
    • Tickets Club Car/Show Car & join "C30 Crew UK"
  • June 28th - Volvo600: Back to Bruntingthorpe
    • £10 ticketed - https://torquevolvo.myshopify.com/collections/event-passes/products/volvo600-event-pass
  • July 19th - Trax @ Donington
  • August 7th-9th - Ultimate Show Car @ Santa Pod (Camping)
  • August TBA - ÄLG Performance Dyno Day @ DynoDaze Nuneaton
  • October 4th - Trax @ Silverstone (Camping 3rd-4th)


YouTube Channel
This year ÄLG Performance will begin producing video content for YouTube, including product installation guides, product test comparisons and performance tips. We will be working with local talent to record and professionally edit these videos, look forward to an announcement soon.



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