April 14th Coronavirus Update

Hi everyone,

Just wait to say thank you for your patience with us during this time. We are experiencing a wide range of delays and disruption at the moment, and pretty much all of our suppliers are suffering too. For this reason we are no longer accepting orders for Carbon Bonnets, Carbon Grilles or any Elevate parts. All orders currently received will be prioritised until the pandemic subsides. We are posting monthly updates on the blog https://algperformance.co.uk/blogs/news 

Pumaspeed, one of our suppliers, is currently closed and orders are mostly frozen. Elevate are likely the same. Airtec are still open, Hardrace & BC Racing are mostly unaffected.

The Volvo V40 Grilles and C30/S40 Carbon Bonnets are currently on a ship heading to the UK. You can track the ship here.

Our products that ship from the ALG Performance warehouse in the UK are not affected by delays, but various restrictions on shipping mean that some countries cannot be delivered to, and some countries have much higher shipping rates than usual. For example, DPD are applying £8 extra surcharge per kilo on goods shipped to the USA, charged volumetrically. For this reason, we are switching to DHL where possible.

The C30 Grilles have completed manufacture and are awaiting shipping. Our supplier is trying to find a way to ship them to us for a reasonable price, as the cost is over 2.5x normal. We don't want to delay the deliveries by putting them on a ship, but it may be the only option.

We have updated our Returns policy to implement a 14 Day period within which refunds can be made - this is to assist us with cashflow as we have had a large number of cancellations which are crippling the business.

We are also enacting a pre-order cancellation policy effective immediately whereby pre-orders cannot be cancelled after 30 days. This will not apply to orders made on or before April 14th 2020.

Chris @ ALG Performance


  • Thanks for the update Chris. Love the link to follow the ship. That is really cool. I appreciate you providing regular updates and I have no problem waiting for my C30 grille. Throw it on a boat!

  • Hi inhave pre orderd the arch extensions thank you for keeping me updated and i dont mind waiting for them hope everything goes well thankyou

    Jake shore

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