BSR Remap Module C30 T5
BSR Remap Module C30 T5
BSR Remap Module C30 T5

BSR Remap Module C30 T5

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BSR introduce the third generation of PPC called PPC 3 BSR Tuning System! With PPC 3 you can tune your car without even lifting the hood. Plug the PPC 3 cable into the car’s diagnostic outlet and push the button. In just a few minutes the car is tuned. Just as quickly you can reinstall the original settings.





Power 222Hp 258HP


Torque 328Nm 393Nm


Avg power increase 2000-6000rpm:
35Hp 20.4%


Speed limited changed to 250km/h


The new PPC 3 is thoroughly worked out with a colour screen and a slim appearance. The user interface is improved with menus that are pedagogic and also supporting different languages. During the programming you will see explaining text messages to make the handling easy. There is also a progress bar counting both time and percentage to show how the programming is proceeding.

The hardware of the new PPC 3 is more powerful, providing a possibility for faster communication with many car models. Data transfer between PPC 3 and BSR’s server via the Internet is now faster, and is handled by the new program PPC Sync 3. With this program you can download the latest tuning software for your car, which is very useful if you, for example, take the car in for service and the workshop updates your stock software. The software of the PPC unit is customized exactly for your car, and for that reason the PPC unit is to be used in your car only.
BSR Stage 2 tuning kits are developed using BSR Sport Flow exhaust and the rest of the car's components in stock configuration. Using other components will affect power, drivability and durability. In the tuning kits, all necessary components are listed that will ensure claimed power levels. Using other components will result in BSR not being able to anticipate the results of the tuning procedure.
BSR recommends you to use at least EU 98 octane unleaded (≈US 93 octane), no matter if the car is tuned or not, and no matter what tuning stage you have.

- Cars with BSR Stage 3 or more require EU 98 (≈US 93) minimum.
- Cars with BSR Stage 1-2 can be run on EU 95 (≈US 90) if it’s permitted (see instruction book), but the result is increased fuel consumption and less power than indicated.
Please note there is a 2-4 week lead time on all BSR Products
Volvo C30 T5 220/230HP 2007-2013